A Clumsy Waltz In Limbo by Babs (PG-13)
A Fatal White Embrace by Dazzle (R)

A High Road Out Of Here by Starlet2367 (R)
A Merry Little Christmas by Princess Twilite (R)
All I Really Need Is A Song In My Heart by Joanna C (PG)
Epilogue to Blame Canada
Anodyne by Starlet2367 (PG-13)

Another Life by Inamorata (NC-17)
Anticipation by Princess Twilite (R)
As Time Goes By by Yahtzee (PG)

Back Where She Belongs by Christie Baird (PG-13)
Because I Love You by T.C. (R)
Bittersweet Symphony by Lara (NC-17)

Black by Dazzle (PG-13) Seventh in the Prism Series
Blame Canada by Joanna C (PG) Sequel to Growin' Up
Blue by Dazzle (PG-13) Eighth in the Prism Series
Blue Shift by Wisebloodredux (NC-17)
Blurry by Little Heaven (NC-17)
by Inamorata (R)
Break The Sky by Abby Cadabra (R)
Third in the Supernova Series
Burn by Lara (NC-17)
But A Whimper by Queen Mab (NC-17)

Captivate by Princess Twilite (PG-13)
Captive Of The Soul by Yahtzee (R)
Choices by Psychofilly (PG-13)

Cleanse by Niamh (R)
Crimson And Clover by Niamh (R)

Dark Corners by Dannyblue (PG)
Dark Corners 2: Whispers by Dannyblue (PG)
Dead Man's Rope by Starlet2367 (R)
Deja Vu by Little Heaven (NC-17)
Deluge by Little Heaven (NC-17)
Destination Unknown by Yahtzee (PG-13)

Dia De Los Muertos by Psychofilly (PG)
Divided Heart by Starlet2367 (PG-13)
Do What You Have To Do by Christie Baird (R)
Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite by Christie Baird (PG-13)
Dreaming Of You by Christie Baird (R)

Echoing by Starlet2367 (PG-13)
Every Night by MissKitieFantastico (PG)

Everything She Wants by MissKitieFantastico (PG)

Faded Prayers by Syrenslure (NC-17)
Fall On Your Knees by Ignited (NC-17)
Family by T.C. (R)
Feed My... Valentine by AngelChase (NC-17)
First Date by Psychofilly (PG)
First in the "Date" series
Forgifan by Shan (R)

Ghost Of A Chance by Little Heaven and Starlet2367 (R)
Glass Towers by Psychofilly (NC-17)
Glimmer by Niamh (PG-13)
Gone by Christie (PG-13)
Gray by Dazzle (PG-13)
Second in the Prism Series
Green by Dazzle (PG-13) Third in the Prism Series
Green Card by T.C. (R)
Growin' Up by Joanna C (PG)
Sequel to Imitation Of Life

Heart Of The Matter - A Winifred Burkle Mystery by Starlet2367 (R)
Heart To Heart by Dazzle (PG-13)

Heat Stroke by Starlet2367 (R)
Hold You Down by Ignited (NC-17)
Hopeless by AngelChase (NC-17)

I Know You by Princess Twilite (NC-17)
I'll Be Home For Christmas by Niamh (R)
Imitation Of Life by Joanna C (PG)

In Control by Dannyblue (R)
In Her Dreams
by LAndrews (NC-17)
In Her Wake by Christie Baird (PG)
Injustice by Tinkerbell (NC-17)
Inside by Juanita Dark (R)

Joy Ride by Lara (NC-17)

Kindreds by Psychofilly (NC-17)

Landslide by Misty Flores (PG-13)

Let Me by Lara (NC-17)
Life Is But A Dream by Starlet2367 (PG-13)
Light And Dark by Titania (G)
Like Father... by Lara (R)
Line In The Sand by Dazzle (NC-17)
Live In Me by Criss Moody (PG)
Love Is Blindness by AngelChase (PG-13)
Love Sees, But Doesn't Mind by Christie Baird (no rating supplied)

Manifestations Of Grief by Christie (R)
Martyr by Medea (R)

Miserere by Starlet2367 (R)
More Than A Cuddle
by AngelChase (PG-13)
Final in the Cuddle Series
My Breath Is Yet Mine Own by LAndrews (G)
My Father by Shybob (PG)

New Neighbors by Dannyblue (PG-13)
No One To Cuddle by AngelChase (PG) First in the Cuddle Series
Not Like This by Chris Kenworthy (PG-13)

Oblivion by Little Heaven (NC-17)
One Mid-Summer Night by LAndrews (R)
Orange by Dazzle (R)
Outshine The Sun by Abby Cadabra (NC-17)
Final in the Supernova Series

Pain And Ashes by Lara (PG)
Phoenix by Starlet2367 (NC-17)
Prey by Lara (NC-17)
Profaned by Dazzle (NC-17)
Puppy Gets A Playmate by Christie (NC-17)
Purge by Niamh (R)
Purple by Dazzle (PG-13)
Fifth in the Prism Series

Queen Of Sorrow by Lara (PG)
Queen Of The Night by Starlet2367 (NC-17)

Rebel, Rebel by Misty Flores (R)
Reconciliation by Jennifer-Oksana (NC-17)

Red by Dazzle (PG-13) Fourth in the Prism Series
Running On Empty
by Abby Cadabra (R)
Second in the Supernova Series

Sanguis by Starlet2367 (R)
Saved From Herself by Christie Baird (PG-13)

Second Date by Psychofilly (PG-13) Second in the "Date" series
Seven People In Search Of Dreamland by Jennifer-Oksana (R)
Shades Of Solace by Tinkerbell (NC-17)
Silence In Shadows by Kika (PG-13)
Sleeping Beauty by Cantinera (PG)
Slow Road To Nowhere by Babs (PG-13)
So Many Faces by Ebonbird (R)
Someone To Cuddle
by AngelChase (PG-13)
Second in the Cuddle Series
Spark by Queen Mab (R)
Star Light, Star Bright by Abby Cadabra (R) First in the Supernova Series

Thaw by Dazzle (NC-17)
The Case Of The Missing Santas by Little Heaven (PG)
The Center Cannot Hold by Starlet2367 (R)
The Cruelest Month by Starlet2367 (R)
The Gentle Art Of Compromise by Dazzle (NC-17)
The Las Cruces Layover by Joanna C (R)
The Last Virtue by Yahtzee (PG-13)
The Lucky Ones by Lara (NC-17)
The Other Side by Christie (NC-17)
The Road Before Us by Misty Flores (R)
The Uninvited Guest by Yahtzee (R)
The Widening Gyre by Starlet2367 (R)
Sequel to The Center Cannot Hold
Things Fall Apart by Lara (PG)
Time by Siren (PG)
To Lose Control by Syrenslure (R-13)

Two Breathe by Ebonbird (PG-13)
Two Steps Back by Yahtzee (R)

Ugly Duckling And D-Day by Princess Twilite (PG-13)

Valentine The Destroyer by Corinna (R)

Warmth by LAndrews (G)
When I See Her by Spike's Soul Love (PG)
Where I Belong by AngelChase (PG)
by Dazzle (NC-17)
Ninth in the Prism Series


Yellow by Dazzle (PG-13) First in the Prism Series