Joy Ride by Lara


Summary: A challenge with: A/C sex in the Plymouth, Post-Sex talk watching the stars, convo could be something serious or about anything.


Spoilers: Sanctuary, Season One.



The 1967 black Plymouth skidded to a halt in the middle of the dark, deserted area. Sand blew up at the impact of the rubber tires slidding across the ground. The vampire jerked the key from the ignition, and with one move, ripped the Seer's shirt open. Her thighs tightened on his hips, and her mouth pressed against his. His hands slipped under the girl's torn shirt, feeling for her breasts. Her fingers worked on his pants, trying to unzip them. She pulled away from him, her tongue teasing his lips faintly.

Her hazel eyes met his. "I'm going to fuck you." She said simply, her voice shaking.

10 minutes earlier...

"Dammit- Cordelia- I told you why I did what I did and you still won't forgive-"

"HEY." Cordelia Chase threw off her seatbelt, turning fully to stare at Angel. "Listen- that girl punched me in the eye- TORTURED Wesley- and you want me to forgive her?! Do I look like the freakin' Dali Lama to you?!"

Angel rubbed the bridge of his nose, taking an unneeded- but so very needed- breath. "Cordy. I told you- she needs redemption. Forgiveness. I told you this. Buffy wouldn't listen to reason-" He kept his eyes on the road, speeding down the Los Angeles highway.

"OH. Oh- now we're bringing in Buffy!" Angel opened his mouth, then closed it. He opened it again, only to be interrupted by Cordelia's loud rant. "It's all about Buffy, isn't it, Dead Boy?! You forget you have people that work- that CARE for you- and you don't even-"

"God- are you always so selfish?"

Cordelia stared at Angel in shock, then scowled. "Let me out." She turned to open the car door.

Angel quickly locked the doors. "Dammit, Cordelia- I'm driving so we could talk- talk without me killing us or you jumping out!" The Seer ignored him and attempted to climb out of the car. Angel reached over and grabbed her leg, yanking her back into the leather seat. "SIT DOWN." She slapped his hand away from her leg, trying to escape. "CORDELIA- the car is moving!"

Cordelia's head shot in Angel's direction, her eyes blazing. "I. Don't. Care. LET ME OUT." She managed to hop on her knees, actually attempting to get out of the moving car. The car swerved, and Angel grabbed the girl's leg, trying to keep her in the car. She kicked him hard.

The vampire scowled and jerked the Seer into her seat, his hand quickly planting itself on her thigh. He got a firm grip, and drove with his free hand. "You're in so much trouble-"

"OH. And you're not?!" Cordelia shot back, trying to pry Angel's cold hand away from her bare leg. "I can't believe you, Mr. High-And- Mighty-"

"Cordelia-" Angel growled, and continued driving. "This conversation is over. Shut up." She tried once again to take his hand off her. Angel glared at her.

The Seer slapped Angel hard on the arm. "You suck! You're- you're old and you're cheap and you're-"

"Selfish, snotty, inconsiderate-" Angel ranted at the same pace.

"Up-tight, hypocritical-"

"Stuck-up, idiotic-"

"I'm not an idiot!"

"Cordel-" He was cut short by the black Honda suddenly shooting in front of his car. Angel swerved, both occupants swinging to the right. The car slid near the side of the road, and Angel's hand slipped between Cordelia's legs. They froze, locking eyes. The heat. The anger. The pain. The pure passion. It all surged between them. "Cordy-" Angel muttered. Cordelia leaned forward and kissed Angel gently. Angel pulled away quickly, staring at his friend. "Cord- "

"Shut up." Cordelia interrupted breathlessly, shoving Angel back into his seat. She climbed onto his lap, and kissed him hard. The vampire sat there motionless, his hands mid-air, not knowing what to do. Something began to fill him. It could've been anger, or lust. He didn't know. All he knew was that it was real. He started to kiss Cordelia back, wrapping his arm around her waist. Cordelia lowered her mouth to his neck, biting and sucking on it roughly.

Angel quickly got the car back on the road, pressing on the gas. "Office- we have to get back-" He managed to choke out, trying to control his arousal.

Cordelia grabbed the back of Angel's hair, jerking his head back. "Shut. Up." She hissed. The car swerved again, and Angel jolted up, trying to keep it steady. He groaned as Cordelia started to rub her crotch against his, getting him in all the right places. Angel inhaled sharply, keeping his eyes on the road. He had had enough.


"I'm going to fuck you." She said simply, her voice shaking.

Angel gazed at Cordelia, a small glint of anger, surprise, and amusement in his eyes. He slowly smirked. "And I want to make you scream..." He whispered in her ear, his hand slipping between her legs, feeling her center. Cordelia gasped, moving her hips away.

She finally got his pants open, and stared at the vampire. His erect cock jumped out, and she quickly balanced herself on his chest. Cordelia shoved her skirt out of the way, and sank him into her hard, causing them both to gasp at the impact. Angel sat up straight, pressing Cordelia against him. She closed her eyes and started to move slowly, her hips moving in perfect rhythmn. Her elbows rested on Angel's shoulders, her fingers wrapped in his hair. She leaned back, her back hitting the steering wheel. Angel's upper body moved with her, his chest pressed against hers. He tightened his grip, and jerked upright. Cordelia's thrusts continued, harder this time.

Angel's hands ran down Cordelia's thighs, resting on her ass. He 'guided' her, his hips jerking up, meeting her thrusts. Cordelia cried out, throwing her head back. Angel yanked her back up, his thrusts getting rougher. Cordelia moaned loudly, her voice echoing in the dark area. If he could do this while pinned to a cramped seat, she couldn't imagine what he could do when he was free. Just the thought made her wetter than she was.

Cordelia grinded against Angel hard, his face buried in her neck. He licked and sucked at her skin, moving one hand from her ass to her stomach. He ran his hand up her body to her breasts. Cordelia sighed, her body becoming a slave to their actions. Angel played and teased her nipples with his thumb, his eyes locking with hers. Cordelia gripped Angel's hair tighter, her body tensing up. Angel groaned, his hand moving from her chest to the metal of the door, gripping it tightly.

The Seer's thrusts increased, harder and faster. She stared him dead in the eyes. "You piss me off-" She gasped angrily, thrusting hard with each word. "You think you can do whatever you want- without me saying anything-"

"That's not true-" Angel panted. The car started to rock with their movements. "It was none of your business-" He played her game, and started fingering her clit.

"It WAS-" She thusted roughly, making Angel shout. "-My business! This- this girl- she- oh, God-" Cordelia caught Angel's eyes, noticing the look of pure pleasure over his face. She smiled wickedly, her thusts switching with grinding. She alternated her movements, moving back and forth, side to side, up and down. Anything to get a moan from the vampire.

Both started to cry out as they came, the vampire's grip tightening on the girl, and her hands entwining into his hair. The car started to rock fast, and Cordelia jerked wildly, screaming Angel's name. Then all was still.

Angel and Cordelia stared at each other in something that resembled shock. She slid off him, flopping into the passenger seat. She covered her breasts, yanking her skirt down. Angel buttoned up his pants, staring straight up. The only sound was Cordelia breathing hard.

"I'm going to be sore tomorrow..." Angel mumbled. He frowned. "Why did you do that?" He muttered, staring at the stars.

Cordelia slowly looked at Angel, blinking. "I-I don't know...I think the fighting- the yelling...turned me on-" She scowled. "And you weren't complaining."

Angel nodded in recognition. "Yeah. I know." He sighed, running a hand through his messed up hair. He paused, glancing at Cordelia from the corner of his eye. "You did this with Xander?"

"Pfft." Cordelia chuckled, looking up at the sky. "Yeah, right..." She trailed off, a sad silence over-taking her. "We almost did- a few times."

"What stopped you."

"Love." Cordelia looked at Angel. "I loved him too do that to him."

A sudden look appeared in Angel's eyes, and he quickly squinted at the stars. "That's why you jumped me. Because it wasn't love. You don't love me." He shrugged, trying to be non-chalant. "It's fine. I don't love you either. This was just...just-"

"Fucking." Cordelia finished, trying to close the one remaining button on her shirt. Angel slowly took off his jacket, handing it to his Seer. She took it, putting it on. They sat in silence for a couple of seconds. "Are you offended?" She asked quietly.

"No." Angel replied quickly. "We're not in it's fine. It's was just the anger and the rage talking. We lost control of ourselves." He gazed at the black sky. "Hey. That star is shining. See it?"

Cordelia looked in Angel's direction, at the bright, blinking star. "Yeah. It's pretty. Doesn't happen often."

"A lot of things don't happen often."

"I know. Like this."

Angel swallowed hard, licking his lips. "Like this."

"We're not in love." Cordelia said suddenly, her voice hard. "We just fucked. And we won't mention it again."

Angel nodded slowly, finding the car keys off the floor. "Yeah. Because I'm in love with Buffy."

Cordelia's eyes clouded over. "I know."

"Me too."

Cordelia shifted to the far end of the car, crossing her legs. Angel started the car, and they drove back to the office. In silence.


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