Feed My... Valentine by AngelChase


Summary: Angel's in love with a woman who seems to be interested in someone else, who probably couldn't be his even if she did respond to him due to curse issues, AND he's dealing with memories of his very darkest crimes.


Spoilers: Late Season Three.


Notes: Response to a A Valentine's Day Challenge That Doesn't Suck.




"Morning, people! Love is in the air", Lorne exclaimed cheerfully while coming downstairs. Fred blushed at the comment, looking towards Gunn, who smiled at her. Cordelia tightened her embrace around Groo's arms, and the former prince kissed her forehead in reward.

"Valentine sucks", Wesley and Angel exclaimed at the same time.

"And there are our grinchs for this holiday!" Lorne said.

Fred and
Gunn excused themselves and left the hotel to have a Special Valentine's Day Lunch. Groo insisted on taking Cordelia back to her place and she was ready to go when Connor started crying. She went to check up on the baby.

"Go ahead, Groo... I'll be there in no time," she shouted from the top of the stairs before she entered the baby's
room. Angel followed her seconds later.

Still downstairs, Wesley moved towards his office, babbling something about Valentine's Day just being a commercial holiday and not knowing why people made such a fuss about it. Lorne couldn't help but laugh.

Upstairs, Angel entered Connor's room. Cordelia was rocking him gently. "Cordelia, you don't have to do this... go home already!"

"Angel, I want to do this. I love spending time with Connor and I haven't been here for him lately. All this Groo thing has been consuming my time".

"Well, you certainly look consumed"

"Angel! Ok, the details of my sex life are something I am not going to share with you..."

"That's thoughtfull..."

"Hey! What's your problem? And what was that suckiest comment on Valentine's day, by the way? I mean... Wesley, I understand. Poor guy, heartache, much?"

"Well, see... that's Valentine: a holiday to hurt people. Lonely people. It's not my favourite holiday. Besides, all those cheesy presents, music, movies... what a load of crap".

"Well, that's the spirit, Angel... Come on! What's wrong about some flowers, something romantic like meeting on the Empire States Building..."

"See? Cheesy movie! And don't forget that Valentine also inspired serial killer movies, with nose bleeding drunken guys slaying their girlfriend's friends and all..."

"Yeah, well... if you waste your time watching that crap"

"It's just... Valentine doesn't do it for me... I always thought it was about hurting people, and back in the dark days... I used to love Valentine. What could be more ironic that having the love of your life's head ripped off right on Valentine's day? And remember, Jenny Calendar? Well, that was sweet compared to what I did to the others..."

"So, guilt is having a party inside you, right?"

"I guess..."

"That explains your bad mood"

"I'm not in a bad mood"

"Noooooooo... please! Angel, you have been avoiding everyone for the last few days"

"I haven't"

"Please! I haven't been around much lately, I know. But not gone enough to not realize that you're back on brooding mode"

"Exactly, you haven't been around, so you shouldn't judge me at all. Anyway, Connor is back to sleep now, so you can leave"

"Are you kicking me out?"

"Humm... no... well, aren't you supposed to go back to Groo's arms soon? So go already!"

"Angel? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Nothing's wrong with me. You don't live here, so go already. Do you always have to be around?" #Shit. Don't look at her... no, don't... damn, too late# He saw the pain in her eyes. She placed Connor back in the cradle and without looking at him, turned around and left. #Well done, Angel#

He sat down and did what he knew best: brood. She was gone. He had practically kicked her out. And all because he couldn't stand the thought of her in the arms of the Groosalug. And still, that's were she headed now. He knew he barely stood a chance with her... but he knew there was something between them. And the undefeated asshole had to step in the picture. "I hate that guy", he said out loud.

"Are you talking about the former ruler of Pylea?", Lorne asked, sticking his head through the doorframe.

"Obvious, much?", Angel replied, with an ironic smirk on his face.

"Wow, you've spent too much time with your seer already! Maybe it's a good thing she's with someone else..."

"How is that a good thing?"

"Ok, it's not... but hey, don't run out of hope yet. I mean, obviously she is still in the first stage, where all is about infatuation, sex, sweet words, sex, gifts, sex..."

"Ok, the sex part, I get it", Angel said with an angry look on his face.

"I know it hurts, Angelcakes. But I meant that once all that is past, she'll come around. You know... the kyerumption thing, fate, the stars and all."

"And in the meantime? Right know I want to rip that guy's head off just for touching her! He might be making love to her right now! Even if fate were to bring Cordelia and I together... I wouldn't be able to give her all she needs, to fulfill her completely"

"Fulfill her... Nice way of putting it...", Lorne laughed.

"Maybe I'll rip your head off first"

"Ok, easy boy. You'll find a way eventually... And stop thinking about the head ripping thing"

"Can't help it. It has been my favourite Valentine's hobbie for many many years"

"Then it's a good thing you don't have Cordelia now. I'd hate to meet Angelus over a Valentine's happy"

"Just shut up!"


Dennis opened the door for her. She entered and went directly to take a shower. Angel really knew how to get on her nerves. She had to deal with him sleeping with Darla, brooding over Buffy and all, and she wasn't allowed a small time for herself, going out with a cute guy who cared about her. Oh, no. He had to make her feel guilty about it. Like she was neglecting them, neglecting Connor... She wasn't going to feel guilty about it. It was Valentine's day and she had a Valentine: Groo. That reminded her... Where was Groo?

When she
stepped out of the shower, she headed towards her bedroom. There he was, lying in bed, satin sheets, rose petals... not bad for a guy coming from another dimension. He had obviously been reading the cheesy Valentine recommendations on her Cosmo. But it was the thought that counted. She smiled at him and he encouraged her to lay down next to him. She did.

He started kissing her soflty, caressing her
still damp skin, running his hands down her spine. She gave in to his touch and started her own exploration of his body. She sat on top of him, her heated center rubbing directly over his hard cock while she leaned forward to kiss his chest. His hands were on both her breasts, rubbing hard her sore red nipples.

They kissed one more time, and
he took that chance to grab Cordelia's ass and moved her body directly over his cock. She felt the tip of his cock at her entrance and pressed her body downwards while he thrust upwards in one violent move. She let out a short scream. The guy was an animal. Very primitive, and that really turned her on. She made him stay still for a minute and then started riding him slowly, increasing the pace gently with every stroke. They started gasping and moaning.

closed her eyes and leaned her head back while she kept riding Groo, harder every time. She was close to coming and she increased the pace. She started moaning louder, and when she finally reached her climax, she whispered: "Angel".

Groo immediately removed her body from his, leaving the bed only to stand up naked by the door. "Angel?"

"I'm sorry, I... I made a mistake?", Cordelia tried her puppy look on him, but he seemed much too upset.


"Oh, Groo... I'm sorry"


God, Cordelia thought... the guy didn't know much lines! Yes, you stupid... Angel, of course it's Angel! I've slept with guys since I came to LA... and I've called them all Angel!

Groo gave her a sad look while he gathered his clothes and stepped out of the room. Cordelia felt too tired too run after him. She was tired of having this inner rollercoaster of feelings... all Angel related. She buried her face on the pillows and cried. Groo looked at her from the door, before grabbing his axe and running away.


The door burst open. The Groosalug entered the lobby requesting Angel's presence. Angel got out of his room and looked at him from the top of the stairs. #What the hell does he want?#

"Warrior, I command you to stop hurting her!"

"What? Hurting who? And you're commanding me???", Angel went down the stairs

"My love. The princess... she's in pain. And you're to blame"

"Me? Listen, if she's in pain when she's with you... then you're the one hurting her"

"She screamed your name"


"During her climax. She screamed your name. And now she's crying"

"Well, I'm sorry if she pretends to be with me when she's with you... I guess you're not good for her", Angel said with a smirk. Ok, he was jealous before, but that was comforting... Cordelia screaming his name.

She was imagining it was him with her. His hands running
through her soft skin, his lips kissing her wet mouth, his flesh burning deep inside her and making her muscles contract, her breath become heavier, her heart popping out at the sensations... The thought of Cordelia made him put his guard down.

When he got his senses back,
he saw the axe flying right to his head. He could move before it hit him, but he couldn't avoid the weight of Groo's body jumping at him.

He was now on the floor, his head hurt from the knock on the floor. The Pylean had grabbed a stake, and was trying to stick it into his heart while Angel fought to keep his hand away from his no longer beating muscle.

"Stop fighting!" Cordelia's voice flew over the room.

Groo looked at her and Angel
took the opportunity to set himself free from the guy's weight over him. Groo noticed and tried to knock him down again.

"I said STOP FIGHTING", Cordelia screamed louder this time. She moved in between both guys. "Stop this", she almost begged at them. "I love him".

"Oh, great, here we go again...", Angel said. This has like a deja vu

"You love me, my princess?", Groo asked

"Not you, you idiot... I love him", she replied, pointing at Angel

"Me? It's me this time?"

"Yes, Angel. I love you", she whispered as he moved forward to kiss him.

When they broke the kiss, Cordelia turned around. "Groo, I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."

But he was already gone. She turned to look at Angel. He was gone too. Instead, he found the vamped face and yellow eyes of Angelus.

"Hi, sweety. Long time no see".

Cordelia stood there, unable to move. Angelus touched her face. "It's good to know you're not afraid of me anymore. It's also good to know the poof is gone. What an idiot! He didn't even wait to get all sweaty this time. Three little words were enough to let me in. And I have you to thank for that. I guess you're the real thing, babe", he stared at her. "You sure look like a hellraiser".

"Oh, good, you're both here!", Lorne said when he entered the hotel. Wesley was next to him, holding Connor.

"Well, well, well... if it isn't my dear boy. He sure looks yummy", Angelus said

"Angel?", Lorne asked, surprised at the comment.

"Try Angelus", the vampire smirked

"Run! Take Connor away!", Cordelia screamed, regaining her senses.

"Oh, the bitch is back. It was time you reacted, girl", Angelus told her while she grabbed her forcefully by the arm.

"Leave her alone!", Wesley shouted while he gave Lorne the baby and told him to run.

"Oh, and look who's up to! Get over it, watcher. I'll do whatever I want to her, or any of you. Besides, she set me free...", he said, knowing it was going to make the watcher angry.

"Cordelia... you did this?"

"Wes, it's not like that... We didn't..."

"Bloody hell, Cordelia! I thought you were smarter than that!"

"Wesley, listen to me, I didn't have sex with Angel"

"Then how did this happen?"

"He was such a big poof. She told him she loved him, and bang! Here I am. If you asked me, he should have waited for the sex part... I would have had a hell of a time at the wake!", Angelus explained

"He's not dead!", Cordelia screamed, still grabbed by the arm with his supernatural strength. He was hurting her. He pulled her closer to him. "He's not dead", she murmured, loosing her strength, falling down on her knees.

"Cordy!", Wesley called her, but she wasn't able to fight him.

"Run, Wes...", she begged him.

"No, don't!", Wesley screamed and moved towards Angelus holding a rebar in his hands.

"You've got guts, prick", Angelus said before hitting him in the face and sending him flying across the room".

"Man, what the fuck...?", Gunn blurted out when he saw the vampire hitting Wesley.

"God! Wes!", Fred screamed and run towards the British guy after his back hit the wall and he was left unconscious on the floor.

"And they keep coming. Just lovely!", Angelus said

"Man! Have you lost it?"

"Gunn, run! Take Fred and Wes! He's not Angel!", Cordelia's voice was weak, but he heard her.

"Stay away from her!", Gunn warned the vampire

"Too late, boy. I have my hands on her already. And there's more to come soon"

"Run, now! Go! Lorne took Connor, find them and take care of them"

Fred was helping Wesley to stand up. Gunn make them a signal to go away.

"Go, Gunn... please", Cordelia was sobbing, still kneeled on the floor.

"Let go off her!", Gunn shouted at Angelus.

"Make me", was all he got in response

Gunn ran towards the soulless creature. He stabbed him with a knife, but he didn't reach his heart. Only his shoulder. And that didn't seem to hurt him at all. Angelus took the knife out of the flesh and kicked Gunn's stomach when he saw him coming again.

"Gunn, get out!", Cordelia screamed again. She was now crawling on the floor, picking up Groo's axe she moved towards Angelus.

He turned around and saw her. "You damn bitch. What do you think you're doing?"

"Trying to dust you!", Gunn said while he hit Angelus' head with a chair. It didn't knock him down, but it made him look away from Cordelia. "I'm tired of your games, boy". With that, he grabbed him by the sides of his face and in one quick motion he spinned his head, leaving him dead at the bottom of the stairs.

"NO!", Cordelia screamed while she ran towards Angelus and aimed the axe at his back. "Gunn!"

Angelus fell down on his knees, feeling the weight of the blades on his back. He moved one hand back and removed the weapon off his flesh. "You whore. You just ruined a perfectly good shirt! And now you're gonna pay for it!".

Cordelia felt him reach her from behind
while she was about to get to the door. She felt a sharp pain on her head and then it all went black.

- - -

When she woke up she found herself tied to Angel's bed. She was naked and cold. And she felt weak. She found the marks on her breasts, stomach and thighs. He had been feeding of her. He entered the room wearing nothing but a towel. He smiled at her.

"Oh, good. You're up!"


"Don't insult me!", he laughed

"What are you going to do?", she asked, trembling while he saw him remove his towel and climb on the bed.

"What does it look like? I'm gonna fuck your brains out. At least I owe it to this body before I kill you".

"Kill me now!"

"Oh, no! I'm sure you're anxious to meet your friends, but you'll have to wait!"

"Gunn...", Cordelia murmured. A tear slipped along her cheek.

"Don't worry. He's not alone! I got British and Cave girl to keep him company".


"Yeah, well... it looks like they can't take good advice. So they came back. It was fun to kill them. At least the guy kissed the girl before dying. Very Romeo and Juliette like! Perfect for Valentine's day. Which reminds me... the poof seemed to have gotten you a present. And a card too! Can you believe that guy?". He picked up a tiny box from the dresser. The card was shaped like an hourglass and it read "From here to eternity, Angel". He opened the box for her. It contained a key.

"What the hell is this? The key to his heart? If he wasn't dead, I'd kill him for being so corny".

"He's not dead", Cordelia said again, sobbing. She looked at the key. It was the key to a secret. A secret Angel had confessed her.

"So, what is this?"

"I don't know"

He slapped her face. "Don't lie to me bitch!"

"I swear... I don't know"

"Fine, if you want it that way...", Angelus said, throwing the key across the room and jumping on the bed. He positioned himself between her legs. She was tied by her four extremes, so there wasn't much she could do to avoid it. He touched her breast and she let out a cry. She closed her eyes tightly and started sobbing. He slapped her again. "Look at me, bitch!"

Cordelia opened her eyes slightly. It was Angel's body, Angel's face... his scent, and yet, it wasn't Angel. The vision got a blur because of the tears that now were pouring down her cheeks. She felt his body pressed harder against her, his mouth running along her neck and traveling south to her breasts while his hands explored her thighs, going up till they found her hips.

She felt her flesh tear right down her stomach. He had bit her again, and he was letting her
blood drain down her cunt. He licked the trace and she gasped when he reached her clit. "I knew you wanted this, slut", Angelus murmured while he sucked on her clit harder.

Cordelia fought to refrain her
moans, but it was too hard... she was so hot, and the mix of fear and want was driving her crazy.

"No wonder the poof was in love with you", he whispered in her ear when we moved back over her body. Angelus directed his hard cock right in front of her pussy. With one hard thrust, he entered her.

let out a loud moan. She started crying again over the disgust she was feeling towards her own self for surrendering to Angelus. He kept thrusting harder, almost raping her, till she felt a huge orgasm and collapsed in bed.

She was free of ties when she regained her senses. And Angelus was lying next to her. It was around noon. She took a look at her body. There were more wounds and bite marks on her breasts and legs. She felt weak, but she managed to get out of bed without waking the vampire.

She silently crossed the room to pick up the key that Angel
left her. Of course she knew what it was. It was the key to the safe where the prophecy stroll was kept. It holded Connor and Angel's future. And hers as well. Cordelia got dressed and left the hotel. She went straight to Caritas.


The place was a mess. Everything was upside down. Broken glasses, blood, guts everywhere. She called for Lorne. She even shouted Connor's name. She kept looking through the corpses, kept calling for them. No one replied. On the left side of the stage, she found Lorne's body. How could that happen? Wasn't it a violence free place? She kneeled and cried over the green remains. She heard a noise behind her.

"Looking for this?"

Drusilla was standing behind her, and she held Connor in her arms.

"Let him go! Give him to me!", Cordelia screamed, launching herself over Dru's body.

"No! Daddy said I got to keep him!"

"Angelus doesn't own Connor. He's Angel's. He is mine!"

"No, there's no Angel. That beast is gone. Gone for good. And now you're Angelus' "

"No, I am not!", Cordelia shouted, trying to take Connor away from Dru's arms. She failed.

"Oh, dear, you are mine", Angelus voice floated over the room. "Come here, Cordelia. Come with me. I know you want to. I was there last night, remember?", he teased her.

"No, I'm not yours. I'll never be yours!", she tried to run towards the door, but he grabbed her forcefully.

"Don't try to fight this, doll. You're mine. And don't bother about the key. The scroll is gone. Your destiny is now to be written. No poof, no baby..."

"You bastard! I belong with Angel, with Connor. You won't have me!"

"There's no Angel, and there will be no Connor soon. Or did you really believe he was going to make it? Please, even that Wesley guy gave more fight than the 2-month-old baby".

Cordelia felt him release her for a second and she tried to take her opportunity to run away. She made it to the middle of the room, only to be stopped by Angelus body again. He was right in front of her.

"Why are you so stubborn? Don't waste anymore energy. You're gonna need it later", he said, running his hands along her breasts.

"I'd rather die first!", Cordelia said as she spit on his face.

"Carefull with what you wish, bitch"

"I wish you'd kill me", she broke down. She really prefered death to Angelus. He looked into her eyes. And he nodded. She leaned her head to one side, leaving her neck at the reach of his mouth. She felt the sharp pressure of his fangs and her body going numb.


"Daddy? This annoying thing is crying again!", Drusilla called him from the bottom of the stairs.

"Not now, Dru"- he replied sticking his head out of his room. "I have to feed my Valentine".




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