Love Is Blindness by AngelChase


Summary: Angst Pairing: Angel and Cordelia.


Spoilers: Redefinition, Season Two.



Love is blindness

I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night

Around me

Take my heart

Love is blindness..

"I'm vision girl. He can't fire me! I get the stupid and painful visions for the sake of his redemption and this is what I get? He fired me? Fired us?", Cordelia said. Her eyes were a mixture of anger and sadness.

"I think he needs to be on his own. He's been darker and broodier that usual lately", Wesley replied, trying to calm her down.

"But still... he can't walk out on us. We can't walk out right now. I' going back in", she assured as she grabbed the box containing her stuff and headed for the hotel again.

"Barbie, that doesn't sound like a good a idea...", Gunn tried to stop her, but she went inside anyway.

Both men stayed outside the main gate, watching her enter the old building.

"I thought I was pretty clear. You are fired, therefore, you have nothing to do in here", Angel said in a low tone, not even looking up from the armchair he was brooding in.

"Well, I'm not leaving. Not until I get my life back. I get the stupid visions for you. I deal with the pain for you. Set me free, and I'll be out the door in a second", Cordelia replied coldly.

"I'm setting you free. You don't know what is going on. Go away. Get out, Cordelia. Now!", Angel shouted at her.

"Make me. Come on, kill me if you have to", Cordelia dared him.

"Get the hell out!", he shouted louder, grabbing forcefully her arm and pushing her towards the main door. He opened the door while he grabbed her by her waist. She wasn't giving much resistence. He let her outside and then slammed the door. The last thing he saw was the painful look in his eyes. "Damn it, Angel. You shouldn't have looked at her", he said to himself while he bend on his knees, feeling the ache of his still heart at the thought of her sorrow.

Cordelia was left standing on the stairs, she was staring at the door. Angel hadn't only fired her. He had kicked her out. Or was it Angelus? Who was that? Her best friend? There was no way on earth that could have been her Angel. "So, what now?", she asked herself out loud.

A vision struck before she could
figure out an answer. Purple demons chasing a young man. He was bleeding. The pain was unbearable. "What am I supposed to do with this?" she screamed towards the sky. "I don't want this!, I don't deserve this!", she shouted, braking down and crying. She was alone at the hotel entrance.

Angel was looking at her through a window. Cordelia was on her knees and she was crying. After a few minutes, she calmed down. She opened her purse and she took out a sharp knife. "She's a hunter in a way", Angel thought. But Cordelia pressed gently the blade agains her left wrist. A narrow line of blood appeared.

"A little death Without mourning No call And no warning Baby... a dangerous idea That almost makes sense"

"Cordelia, don't...", Angel screamed while rushing out from the hotel.

"Too late, there's no turning back...", she moaned. The thin red line was now a flood, she looked pale and her breathing was slow. Angel tore his shirt and aplied a piece to stop the bleeding. "Fuck you, Angel. Don't try to save me. No one can", she whispered.

"Don't say that. Don't do this. You can't die, you can't", he said, grabbing her fading body into his arms.

"Don't act like you care, bastard. I've had it. I won't deal with the pain anymore. Your pain. You deserve a goodbye kiss, just like the one Doyle gave me. And then you can keep your fucking visions to yourself".

"I care. You don't understand. I care and that's why I'm pushing you away. All of you. This is going to get really nasty. And you can't be there. Please, Cordelia... hang on. Don't leave me", Angel begged her.

Cordelia moaned his name. One last breath emanating from her lips. She closed her eyes feeling numb and cold. She felt the rose of Angel's lips against hers. She felt a cool drop falling on her cheek. Then she felt nothing more.

Her body grew colder and colder in his arms. The blood stopped flowing from her wrist, but there was so much out already. When she closed her eyes, he placed a kiss on her pale lips and felt a tear run down his cheek. What had he done? He had sent her away. He had hurt her. He made her killed herself. She wanted a release. She had only put up with them because of him, and after he kicked her out... Cordelia was dead. He had killed her. He had killed his one true friend, his one true love.

"Love is drowning In a deep well All the secrets And no one to tell..."

He bent down and bit her neck. He started drinking from her. Her blood was already cold. While he was drinking Cordelia's blood, a memory struck him. Darla was telling him something after she sired him: "You must not drink from the dead, because thus, you die".

"Love is blindness I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night Around me Oh my love Blindness..."



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